Enterprise file sync and sharing

With C-Link, anyone can share files with multiple users or groups, easily invite new users, set security and access settings and fully control who sees what. Collaborate with people both inside and outside your organization, with full security, control, and audit trails for all activity.

FTP replacement and secure file transfer

Replace ad hoc FTP transfers with HTTPS though an intuitive, easy-to-use browser interface. Secure your online file sharing solution using FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS. Add a rich HTML5 interface to your existing FTP or file servers. Automate, schedule, and control transfers, providing an audit trail of all transfer activity.

Mobile access

You can access R/Link from any device with a browser. Securely share files, transfer files, access networks servers, and check the status or automated tasks from your mobile device. The R/Link web app provides the features and performance of native applications across all devices. So whether it's your personal PC, smart phone or your tablet, you can easily move, copy, and share files.


All file operations are logged and auditable. Each and every login is recorded, as are all transfer operations, ensuring that a clear record of all file activity exists. Files can be encrypted at rest and in flight ensuring confidentiality, and access to them controlled through a granular permission structure.

Industry-standard security

Corporate and internal users get LDAP authentication and integration. Partners and customers can use R/Link's built-in authentication. R/Link allows for granular control of user's sharing privileges.